Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Budapest Gambit by Dmitrij Oleinikov

This is the 2nd Edition of a chessbase CD that shows the main ideas, strategies and tactics in the Budapest Gambit. The CD also contains 195 instructive games (192 containing in depth text).
The contents are:

How to use this CD?
1. Introduction
2. Two birthdays
3. 1918: Test at the top
4. Under Fire!
5. White searching for +/=
6. Black fighting against +/=
7. Unforgettable season 1984/85
8. Opening tastes of the 90s
9. White attempts to hold the gambit pawn
10. The BG declined
11. Summary
12. The years 2000-2005
13. Useful additional information

There are 3 separate programs for training, where you are timed to make the correct move. There is also the statistical tree for 13000 Budapest Gambit games, which show the great array of ways the BG can be played.

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